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Cracker Jamboree

Prep Time

10 min.

Prep Notes

Get your favorite platter, small bowls and cheese knives

Cooking Time

no cooking time


great deal of nibbles


  • Use your  favorite assortment of crackers.
  • homemade or store bought Jam.
  • Grainy mustard.
  • A few different types of cheese.
  • A couple types of meat (ie: soppressata and prosciutto).
  • Optional: pistachios and dried cranberries


1. Assemble the crackers on a tray

2. Put the jam and mustard in tiny bowls

3. Place the cheese on a platter with a separate cheese knife for each

4. Add meat to the tray

5. Adding pistachios or dried cranberries adds beautiful color for the holidays


A cracker jamboree is considered a crowd pleaser.