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Finally a break from work, time to declutter and regenarate body, mind and spirit!

I was  recently looking at my last year Easter pictures and I was so happy to find out that in 2015 ( a year that I was looking forward to, infact each year that contains the number 5 is my lucky year;) … I found out that it’s been almost a year now that I cut totally sugar in my daily eating habit and the result is amazing! I lost 9 kg. and no more sugar cravings!

Let me tell you a strange thing that happened after my spontaneous decision of eliminating totally sugar:

Last Summer, on my flight back home from my holidays, I read a magazine that was condemning sugar as the great cause of many health misfortune and somehow the article struck me. Nothing new I thought, everybody seems to know that, but all the same why does everyone consume a way too much sugar?  I just ignored the thought and safely landed.

At the airport while drinking coffee, my eye captured the title of a book which had to do with sugar. What a strange coincidence I thought, or was a sign from somwhere, directly to me?

Well, it made me deeply think about how careless I was with sugar: muffins, creamy cakes, ice creams and so on. Not that I was overweight, but at least that’s how I felt, totally ignoring my jeans sizes which have been increasing over the years.

Once at home, long before New Year resolution, I committed to be even more careful and continue the total cut down on sugar.  The more I was aware of what I put into my mouth, the more interested I became in food matters and everything that has to do with what we buy at the supermarkets.

So concerned that I started cutting down also meat and turned to organic food and juicing! Boy! Why didn’t I discover that years back! Literally, I was reborn with such intense mental focus, activeness and no classical monthly mood swing!


I don’t want to advertise any book title here, but I strongly advise you to find it out for yourself before it is too late, what life torments sugar causes! Thank God for the signals during my flight back.

It’s almost Easter now, it’s 2015 and I feel regenerated: no clutter at home, none in the body, nor in my mind.

( Psst. did you know that space clutter reflects body “clutter”? Detox your body and your space will magically clear out. Try it! )

From sugar pro to sugar con;)


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